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Recent Work

Graham Smith is a Canadian Artist and Architect born and based in Vancouver, B.C. His intensely coloured yet whimsical paintings reflect a strong love of Canadian urban, industrial and rural landscapes.

As Mr. Smith observes: "I specialize in everything".

The paintings are not faithful renditions of actual scenes but are composed from memory, image, idea and accident. The pieces are "strangely Canadian..." in their cheerfully ironic distance from the subject".

"These images are not taken from any literal source but rather are meant to extract the essence and feel of my personal experience. I wanted them to describe the internal, and even dream, landscapes that we share not just to replicate what one actually sees".

Mr. Smith's work is executed with oil paint on various surfaces - museum board, luan, hardboard, canvasette - anything that you can gesso and paint. He has been exhibiting his work in both Seattle and Vancouver since 1999.